Moving, downsizing or require a complete liquidation of your personal property or that of a family member, we assist clients throughout York Region and the Greater Toronto Area with their home content needs.

Whether you are downsizing or moving, the experience can be highly stressful and very emotional. The need to liquidate the contents of a home can add to the sense of confusion and anxiety. We operates a highly efficient and effective content sale platform from start to finish. We gladly provide a Free Initial Consultation to all clients, unless you are requesting the services of an Appraiser in which case please contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Step One: Our initial consultation with clients is where we' discuss the scope of the requirements, including any time constraints and financial goals. We'll reach an understanding on the services to be provided and the timetable as well as the compensation arrangements. All of this is then documented in a detailed letter of engagement.

Step Two: Dealing with the disposal of home contents can feel like a massive task. The first step is analyzing the situation carefully, discovering what's there and making decisions regarding what to do with it. We examine every area from the attic to the basement, sheds and garage(s). Every closet, every drawer and every storage space is emptied and then we work towards making decisions about each item. During the process of discovery, sorting, cleaning, garbage removal and organizing, we set aside any personal articles and/or items to be retained the client has requested or identified. Once contents have been itemized, we establish a pricing schedule, including researching current market prices and conditions for specialty items.

Step Three: We use a two-step sales approach: advance selling, followed by an on-site public sale. Through advance sales, we use an extensive network of dealers and collectors to identify and approach the best buyers. We field offers on your behalf to ensure pieces are sold at fair market value as efficiently as possible. Unlike selling by auction, there is no need to transport your items, which can be expensive and risk damage.

Step Four: Once the advance sales are confirmed, we assess, arrange, secure and tag the remaining contents. We set the best date for the public sale and advertise it where it will attract the most buyers. On sale day, our professional staff manages the entire event on the clients behalf, ensuring the client obtains the best price possible with the least amount of stress. We provide everything needed for the sale, from tables and table covers, chairs, to display cases and lighting, moving dollies, packing materials, cash boxes and more.

Step Five: We handle all the final details for you. We finalize the distribution of unsold items, sending them to auction, arranging drop-offs and donations to respected local charities and if required, removing them to a city waste depot. We make sure the house is completely clean and presentable for new owners or tenants. Within 7-10 business days of the clearout, we'll provide the client with full payment, along with a detailed listing of items sold, a breakdown of charges and any special notes.

If you are like us, you probably have items hanging in your residence you no longer need. Don't just let them go unused, give them a second chance and make some money in the process. As an example, if you have antique-to-modern decorative furniture, crystal, art glass, fine china, porcelain, ceramics, pottery, sterling silver, paintings, bronze statues and/or figurines, costume jewellery, mantel clocks, folk-art primitives and carvings as well as Judaica and other such items you no longer need, we would love to sell them for you!

Consigning with us will give your unused items the best visibility to our network of buyers worldwide. Contact Us for more information