Moving, downsizing or require a complete liquidation of your personal property or that of a family member, we assist clients throughout York Region and the Greater Toronto Area with their home content needs.

Certified by the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG) - We provide professional appraisal reports for a variety of people and organizations, including but not limited to, individuals, families, trustees (formerly known as executors and executrix in Ontario), receivers, lawyers, bailiffs, insurance companies, financial organizations, asset based lenders and businesses.

Providing Professional Appraisal Services for the Following Circumstances:

Estate Probate
Pre-Loss (Insurance)
Damage (Loss of Value)
After-Loss (Insurance)
Charitable Donations
Divorce Settlements
Litigation Support

Estate Probate Appraisals are based on the "Fair Market" methodology, offering an objective valuation for personal property contained within the estate. When a death occurs it is important to establish value of an estate not only for the family to help facilitate settlement between all parties, but also the Government of Ontario's Ministry of Finance who administers the Estate Administration Tax - or better known as Probate Tax. Recent amendments to the Estate Adminstration Tax Act (EATA) places responsibility on trustees to provide a complete asset valuation for the estate.

Pre-Loss Insurance Appraisals are generally used in conjunction with an insurance policy to establish exposure level in event of a loss and determine property owners level of potential compensation. Clients also these reports to contest appreciation increases mandated by insurance companies. Important to note - clients are often unaware some household insurance policies specifically exclude fine art and jewellery (you may wish to review your current policy to ensure appropriate coverage exists adequately protecting you).

Damage (Loss of Value) Appraisals are used to value personal property that is damaged during a move, or destroyed by fire, vandalism or natural disasters (ie: flooding). We provide a detailed description of the property involved based on a physical inspection of the remains, client interviews and old documentation and/or photographs for the insurance claim.

After-Loss Claim Appraisal are used to value personal property that is lost or stolen. Under these circumstances we provide a detailed description of the property involved based on client interviews and old documentation and/or photographs for the insurance claim.

Charitable Donation Appraisals are used to value non-cash contributions in the form of personal property being donated. It is imperative these appraisals be thorough and well documented for both donor and charity.

Divorce Settlement Appraisals seek to ease tension with divorce proceedings by providing an unbiased valuation of clients assets. These reports are generally handled in a legal context and are consequently well documented should it be challenged by either party in a court of law.

Litigation Support to lawyers and attorneys who require personal property valuations or reviews of past personal property appraisal reports.

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